Sustainable materials, healthier alternatives, pollution free, environment friendly… Dictionary of the 21st century is filled with these and similar notions. Most of us really do want to make the best and the healthiest choices. However, sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. After all, there is so much that we can take into consideration when it comes to going green.

For example, flooring

A good way to start is by changing some of our habits and changing the way we build and renovate our homes. Needless to say, we would all want our homes to be healthy nukes for our families. That’s exactly what you’ll get if you choose eco-friendly flooring. These alternatives to vinyl and carpeting mean less dust particles floating around.

A lot of materials that make eco-friendly flooring are renewable ones. There are different types of wood that can regrow rather quickly. You don’t need to feel guilty over that elegant wood flooring that you always wanted. If not wood, then cork. Or recycled tiles. Explore the options and you will learn that choosing to go green can actually be a relief to your budget. Not the other way around.

What about style?

Going eco doesn’t mean going boring. You don’t have to give up on originality, creativity and beauty in every corner of your home. Nowadays, the most frequent and popular choices are bamboo and cork flooring. Both of these materials are extremely renewable and can last for a few decades. Bamboo is a perfect solution if you like that feel that wood brings. Cork is easy to work with, it’s fire retardant and comes in a variety of paints so you don’t have to worry about availability of different styles.

You can also explore the world of recycled tiles and reclaimed hardwood. The second one is an excellent choice if you prefer a more traditional style. Reclaimed wood flooring is made of already used, salvaged wood. As for the tiles, try glass ones. They use recycled glass and deliver to you tiles of many colors, patterns and shapes that you can easily maintain and that will last you a long time.

Linoleum is another option. It’s a better and safer alternative to vinyl for it is fire retardant and water resistant. And if you really want a softer touch you could always give a chance to a wool carpet. Wool is a natural resource and it can last for a very long time. Or, you could be really environment aware and use a type of carpet called Polyester Berber. This bad boy is made of recycled plastic bottles!

It’s all about the environment

We named just a few, but there are many other options too. Ask around and compare the available choices. What’s truly important here is that you will be doing a good deed for the environment and yourself.

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