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One of the best (and smartest) investments in house renovations is floor investment. Solid ground underneath your feet is essential for everything else. Both in metaphorical and literal sense. So, you’re investing and don’t mind to spare some extra cash? We offer you a list of flooring options that are on top of the list.

Quality is priority

Who doesn’t know about stone and hardwood flooring? These materials were (and still are) used for the best of the best. Nothing like a little marble for that palace feeling in your own home. These materials are a good choice not only because they look (damn) good, but because they’ll last you a solid amount of time. However, certain types can be super expensive. The density of stone will determine its color, for example. And more colorful they are, the more expensive they will be.

As for hardwood flooring, sure enough there are affordable options, very nice, very solid. If you’re looking for something more exotic, this type of flooring got you covered. Even some options from the pool of reclaimed hardwood can cost you some extra cash. Reclaimed hardwood is made from aged, already used wood. However, people found a way to breathe in some new life into it. This type of flooring can have a real personality to it and individuality. That kind of makes up for the price.


Tiles. Mosaic tiles. Creating art on your floor. If you can imagine it, mosaic tiles can create it. Plus, they are very good at handling water and spillages of all sorts. There are also designer tiles, high quality Italian tiles, antique tiles, glass tiles… You can really create some luxury vibes with them.

Luxury vinyl tiles is another option. They are the most expensive form of vinyl that there is. Their strong point is that they can replace the vibe of wood and stone and yet give a softer and warmer feel. Plus, no matter how realistic they are, they’ll still be cheaper than natural stone and hardwood.

For the end, a shocking one

Well, it was a shock for me. Maybe it will be for you. One of the most expensive floor material is… Carpet. That is, a designer carpet. And designer carpet tiles. If you really like labels, by all means, go for it! It’s your home, it’s your sanctuary. If you can afford it, no need to be modest.

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