Sounds like it might be a fairy tale – a nice juicy house made of sweets and chocolate calling you to sink your teeth into it. But my home was not that kind of home, unfortunately. However, it was one of the best and prettiest I ever lived in.

I was very young when my family moved to an apartment mostly made of wood. It was really beautiful and it gave a nook-y feeling that we all adored. A nice parquet flooring, majority of walls done in paneling. Truly a unique place!

Soon enough, like in horror movies, I started hearing noises. It appeared I was not alone in my room…

They’re hungry

It sounded like there was a bunch of teeny tiny creatures eating their hearts out. And it really was so. Maybe you are lucky and initially didn’t have any uninvited guests. Maybe you’re really lucky and still don’t have them. However, as long as you have some wood in your home, there is always a possibility that one day you may face wood eating pests.

All those termites, carpenter ants and bees, powder post beetles have their role in this life. But that role is not to eat your wood or destroy it by nesting in it. And since you cannot actually negotiate with the little rascals, something else has to be done.

Fact: it is the larvae, the growing bug, that is guilty of destroying. Those babies are hungry!

Prevent it

If your home is new, or intact by these pests, you are only left to make sure that that doesn’t change. So any kind of wood that you do take back to your home must be checked properly. You may want a cozy fire or are ready to do some artwork and woodwork. Naturally, you’ll be needing supplies.

Make sure that whatever wood you bring in is clear of small or relatively big holes as they are indicators that insects delve there. Also, make sure the wood is kiln-dried. That prevents the moisturizing that attracts the insects. If you work with wood, techniques like sanding, varnishing and/or painting the wood will help prevent it from being destroyed.

Damage control

If you are like me and you’re already too late, you can always turn to pest control services. Which is probably the best case if you are dealing with termites. However, if you are dealing with something else and the situation is not out of control, there are other ways. Basically, all products that have borate in them are the way to go. It penetrates the wood and kills larvae. Plus, it lingers for a while, preventing future infestations.

Don’t let them control you

Just ask your local hardware store where to find those insecticides and take back your home (your floors, furniture and works). Don’t despair, as everything is solvable. And this is the war that you can easily win.

As for me, I already did!

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