Types of Resilient Flooring

What feels soft, yet firm enough underneath your feet? It’s some type of resilient flooring, for sure. The word around the block is that it’s coming back. Who doesn’t want to invest in something that will last them a long, long time? Be it vinyl, linoleum, hard wood or even rubber , you may want to dig a bit deeper in this subject.


Fresh refinished wood floor

Why is it good for me?

Well, like we already stated, its durability and resistance to all sorts of damage. The material of this type of floor can actually reduce noise pollution. And it feels a lot more comfortable for your feet. Ever wondered why all those high traffic places have some sort of resilient flooring? It makes it easier on your feet and your back as well. There is also a question of cost. It saves you some money to invest in these types of flooring. And who doesn’t like that?


If you’re in the middle of the buy-sell game, resilient flooring may not always be in your favor. Its value is inconsistent, due to a range of variations and their prices that can go from extremely cheap to expensive and ultra-elegant.

Due to its softens that’s so beneficial for your feet and posture, some heavier objects – such as table legs – can leave permanent damage. Every type of flooring has it strong and weak sides. It’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Vinyl and the gang

Types of resilient flooring are vinyl and its variations such as vinyl composition tile, solid vinyl tile and luxury vinyl tile. It’s up to you to choose which one fits the aesthetic of your home or office the best. And your budget, of course.

You have some other options, don’t worry. Linoleum, cork and rubber. All of these are also an eco-friendly choice, so that is always a plus. Don’t worry about the style and design, either. There are a lot of options, so you don’t have to give up on originality. Start your research and maybe you will come to the conclusion that resilient is exactly what you need.

Oh, a fun fact: asphalt is a type of resilient floor. Hard to imagine it in a home, though! Keep it outside, please!

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